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please help me to visit australia
Susan W - Touriste - Publié le 17/07/2014 - 17h22 Avatar de W Susan

my dream before i die is to visit australia, is it just a dream, or is it possible for someone to exchange houses, i have a house in toulon with swimming pool, can sleep 7 ,people, will my dream come true, only god knows,

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  • Elodie T Avatar de T Elodie Touriste Messages :31 Inscription : 06/10/2011
    Sujet : please help me to visit australia 18/07/2014 - 11h57

    Hello Susan !

    There is a lot a websites about "exchange houses". Just search it in Google and i'm sure you will be able to realize your dream !
    I'm going to Australia in January, and i'm so impatient ! :)

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