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Un sous-marin américain disparu pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, retrouvé au Japon
Publié le 27/11/2019


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En voilà une bonne nouvelle pour les chercheurs du projet "Lost 52". Ces derniers recherchent activement plus d'une cinquantaine de bateaux disparus pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Récemment, un sous-marin américain a été retrouvé au large du Japon. On vous dévoile les détails.

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Wreckage of USS Grayback Submarine Found After 75 Years A missing U.S. submarine , which was widely used in World War II, was found in Okinawa (off the coast of Japan) after more than 75 years of its disappearance. Although the discovery of the USS Grayback - one of the most destructive of the conflict - took place on July 5, the news was not announced until Sunday (10th November). As informed, this is the first US submarine discovered in Japanese waters and is the final resting place of 80 sailors. The vessel was found by Tim Taylor, who alongside his wife, Christine Dennison, created the Lost 52 Project, which aims to find the 52 American submarines lost in World War II . In addition to Grayback, they have already located four other submarines. History of USS Grayback: According to the US Navy, the USS Grayback was responsible for the killing of at least 14 enemy vessels. In January 1944, he sailed from Pearl Harbor in the United States to the South China Sea in what would be his tenth combat patrol. However, he was attacked by Japanese aircraft on February 26 of that year. By the end of the following month, in March, he had officially entered the US Navy missing list. With the discovery, the families of the 80 sailors who were part of the USS Grayback crew will be able to have an answer as to what happened to their loved ones. "There is a book I read that says these ships are known only to God. But now we know where Grayback is, "said Gloria Hurney, niece of Raymond Park, who died in the submarine accident. Now the couple hope to do more searching soon. "We don't tell people that we are looking for them because we don't want to let them down, and we don't want to post on the Internet until it's done correctly by the Navy," Taylor said. "With the technology we are using and the ability to cover large areas of land, we are looking into the potential for further discovery." #USSGrayback #submarine #navalnews #discovery

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Selon le New York Times, des explorateurs ont découvert un sous-marin datant de la période la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Il s'agit de l'USS Grayback perdu au fond de l'océan depuis 75 ans. Auparavant, environ 80 marins se trouvaient dans cet appareil. Ce dernier a été retrouvé au large du Japon, précisément aux côtes d'Okinawa, à environ près de 430 mètres de profondeur.

Cette trouvaille va permettre aussi à l'équipe du projet "Lost 52" de continuer dans leur recherche. Ce projet a pour but de localiser une cinquantaine de sous-marins qui ont mystérieusement disparu pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

Un sous-marin en mission de Pearl Habor

Un sous-marin en mission de Pearl Habor
© Tomas Ciernik / 123RF

L'USS Grayback était l'un des plus performants de la marine de guerre américaine. En janvier 1944, il a été vu pour la dernière fois alors qu'il partait en mission de Pearl Habor. Il devait revenir au port fin mars 1944. La marine rapporte alors sa disparition.

Selon Tim Taylor, explorateur marin et auteur du projet "Lost 52" déclare que sur les 52 sous-marins disparus, "47 pourraient être localisables". En les retrouvant, les recherches permettront de déterminer les causes de la disparition de tous els marins mobilisés durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale et apporter aussi des réponses aux familles.